Would you pay $4,400 for a Neil Diamond album? One fan did.  

According to London's Telegraph, Katie Bryan downloaded the compilation The Essential Neil Diamond via her smartphone while on vacation in South Africa.  This is a classic example of "one should know the details on the mobile device contracts."  

Ms. Bryan did not realize that while the album cost $15 from iTunes, the charge for the 326 megabyte download that took 20 minutes cost over $4,000!  She was shocked when she got home and found her bank account severely overdrawn after the bill came due.  Once she went over her 10MB monthly foreign allowance, she was paying $20 a megabyte and went more than 300 megs over her limit.  Ouch!

There is a happy ending though (sort of), her provider worked out a deal to "backdate" the purchase of an international data package, which lowered the bill to $700.  This by the way may be a record for a Neil Diamond album not purchased on the collectibles market.