What's the rush?  Slowing down the pace of life can have an amazing effect.  Carol Mithers of Ladies Home Journal offers these ways to slow down:

  1. Slow spending.  Embrace discipline instead of using a credit card to make impulse purchases.
  2. Slow weight loss.  Diets that boast quick weight loss may work in the short term, but there's a high chance that the weight you lost (and then some) will creep back.  When you lose weight slowly (one to two pounds per week), you're far more likely to keep it off.
  3. Slow parenting.  If you need a computerized calendar to keep up with all your children's activities, it's time to chill.  What would happen if you went a season with no scheduled activities?  Your children could discover imagination.
  4. Slow hobbies.  Knitting a sweater or cross stitching (or any hands-on activity) will force you to slow down and sit down. 
  5. Slow conversation.  Most of our conversations are delivered quickly and to the point.  However, conversation is different.  It can circle and digress.  To engage in real conversation, you have to make time for it.  Face to face time with no limits (and no cell phones) can result in feeling connected.

I'm horribly guilty of many of the things in this list.  We all need to make an effort to slow down "and smell the roses" and connect with one another.  It's hard, but we can do it.  Here's to a nice day...at a slower pace so we can connect.  wink