Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley's new album, Space Invader, is out this week.

It's the sixth recording he's done away from KISS, either under his own name or with his other group, Frehley's Comet.  For this album, Ace says he wanted to get back to the sound of his very first, self-titled solo album.

That's the album that came out the same day all the other members of KISS put out their own solo debuts.  

Ace explains, "My fans always cite that '78 record as their favorite Ace record, so I listened to it several times during the recording process of Space Invader and I picked it apart.  Elements from that record I tried to incorporate into this record -- I think I captured it."

Frehley went on to say his next album will be all covers, with a lot of special guests. He said among those covers may be a few KISS songs.