You can increase your popularity with the opposite sex by using the most effective ways of talking, according to psychiatrist Dr. Jack Chernus.  Here are some tips on using speech to enhance your sex appeal:

  • Be direct and honest.  Never fake an interest.  Fake people are instantly recognized by others.
  • Never have a superior attitude when approaching a person.  If you communicate that you think you're better, you'll be rejected.
  • Give sincere compliments.  If you like the way a person looks, dresses or talks, say so.
  • Learn to listen and respond to the person you want to attract.  Some people ask a question, then jump in with another question or remark without waiting for the response.
  • Think of the person as very special.  Try to get the person to open up and talk about his or her life.
  • Don't underplay or overplay your remarks.  Never say, "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen!"  Instead, make a simple statement like "You look very attractive."
  • Don't interrogate the person.  If you want to find out something about the person, be casual.
  • Express your true feelings.  People sense dishonesty and are turned off by it.