Still trying to find that perfect guy? Well, maybe you should be a bit nicer. Researchers say men like nice women.

new study has found that men perceive “nice” women as more attractive. Really? They needed a study to find that out? Maybe we're running out of things to research...

The three-part study, conducted by the University of Rochester and the University of Illinois, set up three situations where graduate and undergraduate students interacted with each other. One was face to face, the other two, online. Then the participants were asked to rate their partners on how masculine and feminine they were, how sexually attractive they found them, and now responsive they were.

In all three cases, men found the more responsive women, a.k.a. the “nice” ones, to be more feminine and attractive. They also found them more worthy of a long-term relationship. Interestingly, for women there seemed to be no link between responsiveness and attractiveness. Could this be why women always go for bad boys?

Of course reading too much into this isn’t a good thing. The study really only deals with first encounters, so basically be nice on your first date, then drop the façade.

Source: The Huffington Post