As the countdown to the 50th anniversary of the arrival of The Beatles in America continues, there are more Beatles releases on the way.

The Fab Four will have a few more archival releases coming soon.  Tops among them are the vinyl editions of their mono albums that were released in 2009.  Many of The Beatles early albums are best heard in mono (rather than stereo).  The date on those releases is yet to be announced.

There's also the possibility of A Hard Day's Night coming out on DVD and Blu-ray this year.  Another possible release is a collection of unreleased material (much like the recent BBC Volume 2 and Bootleg Recordings 1963 sets).  Even the possibility of not-heard-before music from the group has Fab Four fans excited.

We'll mark the anniversary with our Beatles 50th Anniversary Weekend with "4 from the Fab Four" every hour all next weekend on BIG 95 KBGO.