Okay ladies, we've gotten a hold of 6 beauty truths that will freak you out:

  1. Touching your face.  What does that do?  Spreads bacteria and oils, causing congestion and breakouts.
  2. Shaving damages your skin.  Shaving your arms once a week causes tons of skin damage, so choose your razor wisely.  Avoid the cheap-o's.
  3. Picking at chipped nails.  This damages and weakens your nail bed and rips up layers of your nail plate.  Ouch!
  4. Sleeping in your contacts.  Not opting to take out your contacts before bed could lead to serious eye infections like corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis.  A bad enough eye infection could lead to loss of vision.
  5. Not cleaning your phone.  When's the last time you cleaned your phone?  Where does all that grime end up?  On your face.  A recent study shows that your smartphone or tablet is dirtier than a public toilet seat.  Yuck!
  6. Never washing your makeup brushes.  The fact is dirty, unwashed makeup brushes are loaded with makeup, oil, dead skin and bacteria.  Clean your brushes.  It only takes a minute.  You can use regular shampoo.

Your habits along with looking good can be bad for you!