The Huffington Post has released a list of beliefs that we all hold on to that tend to get us stuck in adult life.  Break old beliefs and be free.

Here are the top 5 beliefs we formed as a child that keep us stuck in adult life:

  1. You believe you have to be perfect.  No one is perfect.  Let that go.
  2. You believe you have to please everyone.  Please everyone is the same as pleasing no one.  Who cares?  Let that go.
  3. You believe you can't pursue your dreams.  Dreams turned into action result in the best chance at having a fulfilling life.
  4. You believe you have to stay in a career you don't like.  It's possible to have several careers in your life.  If you don't like your job, at least be thankful you have one.  Many many people do NOT have a job.  Remember that.  If you don't like your career path, change it!
  5. You believe you have to spend time with people who aren't healthy for you.  It's true that family and friends can be toxic for you.  Evaluate your relationships and distance yourself from ones that are "toxic."

Be happy.  Remember that you control your destiny.  No one else should ever have that kind of power and influence in your life.  If you dream it, live it!  Now get out there and make it a great life today.