Even though "If I Could Turn Back Time" was one of Cher's biggest hits, the superstar wouldn't really want to.

Cher recently spoke to The New York Post to promote Friday's show at Barclays Center, and she said, "I never think in terms like that.  Your life makes you who you are, so your mistakes are as important as your successes.  Failure is highly underrated."

She's more excited about looking forward, including an upcoming autobiographical musical she's co-writing:  "With three Cher's in it--young, medium Cher and the old Cher.  They sing together, they sing apart."

Asked to describe her singing voice, Cher replied, "I'm not particularly a big fan of it.  I wouldn't listen to my records, but people seem to like them."

She also spoke of her onetime husband and mentor, the late Sonny Bono, and his late-life career in Congress:  "He seemed well-loved in Washington, so I'm sure he would have [gone further].  But he was a different kind of Republican, [at a time] when Republicans and Democrats played cards and talked until the wee hours.  I don't think he would have liked politics today."