Cher sat down with AARP magazine and says despite all the glamming up, she's not thrilled with her physical state.

"Every once in a while I think, 'Jesus, you're so old!  How did this happen?  I haven't looked in the mirror in years.  The only time I was happy with the way I looked was when I was, like, 40 to 45.  [But] I don't intend to step aside.  This is the first generation that's said, 'We're not going to roll over and play dead because we're a certain age.'  It's like saying to The Rolling Stones, 'OK, you've had your time in teh sun.  Now go put on some plaid shorts and play golf,'" Cher says.

Her 25-city tour kicks off in Albany, New York on September 11th.  Go Cher go!