chairman Adam Levin recently sat down with The Wall Street Journal and discussed the dangers of being on Facebook.

Posting a photo on Facebook of your adorable new puppy sitting on your sofa has the potential to cause your identity to be stolen and your credit card to be compromised.  How you ask?  

Those seemingly meaningless bits of information you post about yourself, from your birthday to the new assignment you've received at work, can be pieced together by cyber criminals to recreate you online.  Here are some suggestions to keep yourself safe while using Facebook:

  1. Change your Facebook name.  Just a little tweak.  Nothing radical.  That will make it harder for someone to create building blocks to recreate you.
  2. Don't reveal your age on Facebook.  Either remove your birthday entirely from your profile information or include only the month and date.  
  3. DO NOT reveal your location.  While it's obvious that should never post that you're away from home on vacation for two weeks, which broadcasts that your home is also shouldn't post photos from inside your home.  It's never a good idea for anyone on Facebook to know your exact location each time you post something.  
  4. Deactivate your Facebook account.  If you're not there, no one can hack you.