FabJob.com has released its list of ways to deal with a bad boss:

  • Mimic those who successfully deal with your boss: "Study your boss, and try to deduce how those who get along with him relate to him," said Tag Goulet, co-CEO of FabJob.com.
  • Support your boss:  Most all bosses want all the back-up they can get.
  • Stand up for yourself:  Don't be a doormat.  Do not tolerate being yelled at or treated badly.
  • Document the problem:  Put the problem in writing.  Look for support from Human Resources.
  • Quit:  If the problem or situation does not improve, find another job.  Goulet said, "The worst thing you can do is nothing, and sacrifice your health and self-esteem."

Now get out there and make it a great day at work today!