has come up with a list of ways you can get out of a speeding ticket when you get pulled over:

  • Start off right.  Pull over as soon as you see the officer's lights.  Turn on your interior light if it's dark outside.  Have your insurance and license ready.  
  • Do not "hem and haw."  Officers are lied to so often that it's refreshing when someone just fesses up.  Acknowledge you erred and promise you'll be safer.
  • Cop a plea.  Now that you've proved your sincerity, ask for a break.  Being direct may work.
  • Win in court.  If you do get a ticket, consider lawyering up.  A good attorney can turn a 6-point "30 mph over" into a 4-point "unsafe lane change" ticket and you may not have to go to court.

Really...just drive safely and drive the speed limit.  That'll do wonders for your driving record and your auto insurance.