Eddie Money is back to recording for the first time in five years, and he's in it for the money -- which he plans to donate to America's troops.

Eddie told the Examiner that he's got a handful of new tracks together for his new project, one of which has him particularly excited.

He says, "We got a new song called 'One More Soldier Coming Home,' and a lot of the proceeds are going to non-profit organizations for these kids coming back from Afghanistan.  Now they just built a new facility in Maryland.  So we're out there trying to promote that." 

"I do have a [full] record in the works.  There's even a great instrumental on there, kind of like ZZ Top, called 'Shake That Thing.'  So that's what we're gonna call the record.  I guess doing the song for the troops might put me back on the radio somewhere.  But I found that once people buy your Greatest Hits, they just put you out to pasture, you know?"

Here's Eddie's classic 80s rock anthem "Take Me Home Tonight" from iHeartRadio: