Flirting is supposed to be fun.  Here are some tips to keep it fun and actually do it right: 

  1. Smile.  You see a woman (or guy) smile, you smile.  Smiling is the perfect way to show you're interested.  
  2. Become a greeter.  The best ice breaker is to simply walk up and say hi.
  3. Hand out personalized business cards.  Have some business cards made with clever lines on them.  Good way to give your number to someone.
  4. Bond with her.  If the object of your flirtation is someone you see often, make an ongoing joke with her (or him) about something.  It gives you something to talk about when you see the person.
  5. Be prepared for rejection.  We all get turned down.  Think of it as a numbers game.  The more women (or men) you encounter, the more chance that you will get turned down -- and the better your chances of getting a date.

Now get out there and flirt!  It'll make your day better.