Four years after Art Garfunkel's voice issue caused him to stop touring, the rock 'n roll icon tells Rolling Stone it's now "96% back."

His problems began after choking on a strand of lobster.  Two days later, he had trouble swallowing and his voice became hoarse.  For nearly two years, Art didn't perform in public.  He was diagnosed with "vocal paresis"-a stiff vocal cord that stole suppleness and range of his singing voice.

It took until last year, when he did 49 shows, that his voice felt close to right.  He said, "For the last two dozen shows I can say I'm pretty much here."

He's thinking about touring with Paul Simon again, although he's said to be unsure if that feeling is mutual.  Art said, "I left the tour of the Far East [with him] in 2009 really happy.  We did a neat show, and we both shared that feeling.  It was cool.  The band was great.  I know that audiences all over the world like Simon & Garfunkel.  I'm with them.  But I don't think Paul Simon's with them."

Paul is now on tour with Sting, with whom he shares the stage on several songs, including the Simon & Garfunkel classics "The Boxer" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water."