Loverboy's album Get Lucky became an 80's standout for its classic "Working for the Weekend" as well as the cover photo of someone wearing incredibly tight red leather pants.

But according to the CBC, there's a sad story behind the image.  The model was neither front man Mike Reno nor lead guitarist and co-writer Paul Dean.  When photographer David Kennedy (who also worked with Bruce Spingsteen, Blondie and Bob Dylan) got the idea for someone to pose in red leather, the only pair he could come up with was to small for Reno or Dean -- or anyone in the band.

The one person he knew who could fit in them was his 13-year old daughter Tymara.  But her credit on the LP cover was rather vague:  "Bottom by: T.K." Sadly, it proved to be her only modeling assignment.  Tymara was killed in a car wreck in 1991.

From 1981, here's the classic "Working for the Weekend" from iHeartRadio: