We celebrate National Underwear Day this week.  Here are some underwear facts from Handbag.com, TheSite.org and Arizona State University:

  • Ladies who wear "granny panties" tend to be perfectionists.  They care most about comfort and function.  They're practical and don't care to impress.
  • Women who wear "boy shorts" or thongs are confident go-getters who enjoy a good challenge.
  • Men who wear boxers are generally laid back and not too flashy.
  • Men who wear briefs (or "tightie whities") are inhibited and like the restricted feel of this kind of underwear.
  • Men who wear thongs are outgoing exhibitionists.  Go figure.
  • By the way, men who wear no underwear forgot to do laundry (or they simply embrace the natural way of life).

We've figured out the right underwear makes a person complete.  Really!