Prevention magazine has released its list of 5 Signs You Need More Sleep:

  1. Simple decisions stump you.  You'll also take more risks to maximize results and have difficulty adjusting to changes.
  2. You're still hungry after eating all day.  When you don't sleep enough, your body physically rebels.  Blood sugar levels can be disrupted, which also causes a disruption in appetite controlling hormones.
  3. You keep coming down with colds.  People who don't sleep enough are more vulnerable to infections and have a weaker immune system.
  4. Weird things make you cry.  You feel sad because a tired brain stores negative memories better than positive or neutral memories.
  5. You've become a klutz.  There is ample scientific evidence that those who are sleep deprived have slower and less precise motor skills.  Being sleepy throws off your balance and depth perception.

If you can't sleep your full 7-8 hours a night, evidence suggests a quick power nap in the middle of the day can give you a boost.  Bottom line, you have to sleep or your life and job will be negatively impacted.  Happy sleeping!