WomensHealthMag.com has released its list of Fascinating Things That Happen When You Fall in Love.  Here are the Top 5:

  1. Your brain activity changes instantly.  Love at first sight may exist after all.  Falling in love activates about 12 regions in your brain, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  You know you're in love within a fifth of a second.
  2. Your heart slows down.  Being in love affects your hormone levels, decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate.  That's healthy, right?
  3. You have trouble sleeping.  In at least one study, "love struck" individuals reported losing about and hour's worth of sleep per night.  Thinking about the object of your desire can literally keep you up at night.
  4. Your aches and pains ease up.  Love activates the same neural receptors in the brain as pain-soothing drugs, according to a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine.
  5. You become forgetful.  When you're smitten, your brain releases oxytocin (aka the "love" hormone), which can impair memory.  Maybe that's why you've been so absent-minded lately.