What do women want?  Here's the list from PhD's and MDs from around the world:

  1. Not smiling -- Scientists have found that women are least attracted to a guy with a grin.  They're not sure why but may have something to do with the smile being a "fear grimace" and symbol of submission, unattractive qualities to the ladies.
  2. Average looks - Researchers have discovered that many women simply avoid men who are "too good looking.  Good news for regular people.
  3. Resembling their dads - Women overwhelmingly prefer partners who matched their father.  Same goes for guys and their mothers, by the way.
  4. Femininity - Researchers showed females prefer men who exhibit traditionally feminine qualities like compassion and caring.  
  5. Dancing ability - Researchers say dancing skills are a measure of men's overall health, strength, fitness, and mating ability.  Who knew??