Celebrated Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard has revealed common paradoxes that keep us from living our best lives.  These are things we think will make us happy, but don't really:

  • Becoming rich, powerful and famous.
  • Treating the universe as if it were a mail-order catalog, expecting to gratify your every pleasure.
  • Yearning for "freedom" to achieve every last wish.  This is not freedom, but being the slave of your own thoughts.
  • Seeking too much pleasure.  Pleasurable sensations soon become dull, and often unpleasant.
  • Maliciously taking revenge on someone who has hurt you.  By doing so, you often become like them and poison your mind.
  • Expecting ALL praise and NO criticism.  Without criticism, you won't progress.
  • To vanquish all your enemies.  Animosity NEVER brings happiness.
  • To never face adversity.  Refraining from doing so will make you weak and vulnerable.
  • Expanding all your effort on taking care of yourself alone.  No one exists in a vacuum.