People truly are crazy.  Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, who purchased a John Lennon molar at an auction in 2012, wants to clone the rock 'n roll icon.

Zuk talked in the past about a desire to clone Lennon.  He hopes to extract enough genetic material from the tooth to do so.  What's more, this guy imagines himself raising the result as his child.

He told a British TV reporter, "To have his sequence and full access to it is worth millions.  [The clone] could be looked at as my son, but I don't think I would be the one owning his property.  He would have the rights, when he was old enough, to make a claim."

Zuk paid just over $30,000 for the tooth, which had been owned by Lennon's 60's housekeeper.  

Here's John Lennon's classic "Woman" from his final album Double Fantasy from iHeartRadio: