Women's Health offers its guide for flirting.  It's the grown-up, non-cheesy guide to grabbing someone's attention:

  1. Do THIS first-Once you have zeroed in on the person you want to meet or get to know, make eye contact, hold it for 3 seconds and smile, then approach.
  2. Duh!  A Northern Illinois study found men often overestimate women's flirtatious behavior as an actual invitation to do something.  Not always!
  3. Who knew?  Research shows flirting at work can increase office camraderie and happiness while warding off stress.  
  4. History lesson-In Victorian times, a woman would dare not use her body to flirt.  But she might use her accessories.  A handkerchief to the lips could mean she liked a suitor, but biting the tip of her glove meant please leave.
  5. THE list-Scientists say there are 52 ways to flirt, but researchers watching 100 women's nonverbal courtship behavior for half an hour never observed these things: lipstick applying, arm flexing, knee touching, skirt hiking, face caressing, buttock patting or whispering.
  6. Master this-Send him one text for every text he sends you.  Keep your texts short as or even shorter than his.  Be bold.  Finally, know when to end it.  The last text should be from him so the ball is always in a woman's court.
  7. Show him you're having a good time.  Get him to ask for your number.  Reveal your neck (apparently that's sexy).  Get his attention from across the room-do give him a big smile.  Don't play with your hair.

Happy flirting today.  It's good for you!