Legendary rock 'n roll DJ Alan Freed's ashes are being evicted from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The urn carrying the pioneering DJ's remains had been displayed at the Hall since 2002, when then CEO Terry Stewart felt it would be an appropriate resting place.  In fact, a rabbi from the synagogue that Freed's family belonged to in their hometown of Youngstown, Ohio officiated the special ceremony when they arrived at the Hall of Fame.

But, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in what hints at a "he said-she said" dilemma, Freed's son Lance Freed, feels the decision pushes his memory to the side -- especially since other Freed memorabilia will be moved to what he feels is a less prominent location inside the museum.

Not so, says the Rock Hall's current president Greg Harris -- who Freed says told him "there's something strange" about displaying the urn publicly --even though Alan Freed is widely credited fro launching rock and roll music on the radio.  But Harris adds that museums now lean away from displaying items like ashes, unless there's a medical context.

Lance Freed tells the Plain Dealer that he will pick up his father's ashes this week and will find a cemetery in Cleveland as there final resting place.