Are you doing a good job?  Here's our list of work habits that could get you fired:

  1. Playing online during the workday.  If you're on Facebook, shopping online or chatting all day, that could get you fired.
  2. Complaining about your boss.  You never know who might be listening.  If you get a reputation as a complainer, your boss will eventually hear about it.
  3. Not owning up to your mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It's about taking responsibility and actually learning from your mistakes.  The boss will likely be much more angry if you try to cover it up.
  4. Being preoccupied about whether something is your job or not.  In today's work environment, find ways to be as versatile as possible.  Protesting about doing "something not in your job description" is a good way to lose the support of your boss.
  5. Getting angry at work.  It's normal to occasionally get frustrated, but it crosses the line when you're yelling, slamming doors or snapping at people.  No one wants to work with the "angry all the time" person.
  6. Letting work fall through the cracks.  If you don't do what you say you're going to do, no matter how small it is, your boss will conclude that you can't keep your word.
  7. Doing only the basics and nothing more.  Doing merely an adequate job simply isn't enough these days.  There are many qualified job seekers who'd love to have your job.  Be versatile and look for even more ways to help.  Your job depends on it.
  8. Caring more about having friends at work than about doing a good job.  If you chit-chat all the time when you should be working or if you're gossiping (especially about the boss or the company), you could wind up in the unemployment line.
  9. Taking feedback badly.  If you get offended or angry when your boss gives feedback on your work, you're making it hard for the boss to do their job.  That's a big no-no. 
  10. Hiding things.  Hiding work that isn't getting done, an angry client, a missed deadline or something you don't know how to do is one of the worst things you can do on the job.  That will destroy the trust your boss has in you.  Trust is everything.