Jim Curtis

SNL Planning 30 minute spinoff show


Jim Curtis

Jim is originally from the mid Maryland area. He started in radio in the mid-1970's because he really wanted to be a rock musician or produce records, but didn't know exactly how to get into it, so he took up Broadcasting at the local community college. After interning briefly at a small station, his career was born...his first full time radio job was at WQCM in Hagerstown, MD. Since then, Jim has worked at WWMX and WBSB in Baltimore and WRQX, WGAY,WBIG and WASH in Washington DC. Jim moved to Texas in the year 2000, originally living in Austin. Now he's all ours! When he's not on the air, he also plays guitar and enjoys baseball and football. Jim is married to Sondra and has two daughters, Alicia and Holly, and our Westie, Bogey!


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