1. When Hodor Actor Kristian Nairn Isn’t Acting, He’s A DJ

 2. Joffrey Actor Jack Gleeson is Actually Very Nice

 3. The Actress Who Plays Cersei is Not as Rich as You’d Think

 4. Pretty Much Everything Cersei does is motivated by a Childhood Trip to a Fortune Teller

 5. Peter Dinklage Also has a Successful career in Voice Over (He Doesn’t Actually Talk like a Posh Brit)

 6. The War of the Roses in Fifteenth Century England Inspired the Storyline

 7. Theon Greyjoy is played by Singer Lily Allen’s Brother, Alfie Allen.

 8. There’s a Game of Thrones Burlesque Show.

 9. Brienne Actress Gwendoline Christie is Even Taller than You’d Think

10. The Opening Titles were inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawings


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