World's Biggest TV!
So you think your big 80-inch flat screen is
the bomb? Fine -- but it doesn't come close to the world's largest TV. That
distinction now goes to the new C Seed 201 TV made by the Porsche Design Studio
in Austria. It's so big it has to be kept outside and measures a whopping 201
inches -- or over 16 feet! It also costs four times as much as a Porsche 911 and
will set you back over $650,000! It utilizes over 725,000 LEDs which display 4.4
trillion colors and use biometric fingerprint sensors to prevent unauthorized
use. (Ananova)

Want To Win a Nobel Prize? Got Milk?
Want to win yourself a Nobel
Prize? Got milk? You'll need it. According to a letter published in Practical
magazine, two neurologists speculate that drinking a lot of milk
may just give you an edge. After all, Swedes drink more milk per person than any
other country and have the most Nobel laureates per 10 million citizens (33).
China, on the other hand, has the fewest Nobel winners and drinks the least
amount of milk. But the letter's authors aren't sure whether milk makes people
smarter or just reflects a better education system in general. Milk does have
vitamin D, however, which could make people brainier. So to improve your chances
of winning Nobel prizes -- drink milk! (Newswer)

Pigeons, Chickens and Rabbits, Oh My!
In Dayton, Ohio, Humane
society members wearing protective masks removed nearly 300 animals including
pigeons, chickens and rabbits from an Ohio man's reeking house! The sheer number
of pigeons, which can carry airborne diseases, created a health hazard inside
the house. Authorities were tipped off by complaints about a stench coming from
the property. The animals' owner, who has not been identified, was very
cooperative and knowledgeable about the birds, which included homing pigeons.
The man will be allowed to keep two dogs and some cats living in the house.
There was no word on whether he will be charged with animal neglect or abuse, a
misdemeanor for the first offense in Ohio. (Reuters)

Canada Screws Up Their Own Money
The Bank of Canada has barked up
the wrong maple tree with its new plastic banknotes, using a foreign Norway
maple leaf as the emblem on the notes instead of the sugar maple that the
country has on its national flag. The untrained eye might not even notice but it
is clear to Sean Blaney, a botanist who brought it to the attention of the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The central bank said the image on the new
bills was purposefully designed not to represent any specific species but rather
to be a combination of various kinds. "It is not a Norway maple leaf. It is a
stylized maple leaf and it is what it ought to be," said Bank of Canada currency
spokesman Julie Girard. But Blaney isn't buying the explanation saying, "I think
it's just an after-the-fact excuse. (Reuters)

No More 50 Shades In Rio!
A judge in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state
has confiscated copies of the wildly-popular trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" and
other erotic books from two stores, saying proprietors must seal the novels to
prevent children leafing through them. 64 books in all were seized including 11
copies of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series by British author E.L. James after
the shops flouted Brazilian laws by failing to conceal erotic images and content
deemed inappropriate for those under 18-years-old. Officials will return the
books within five days if the bookshop proprietors ensure they are sealed before
being put back on display. Judge Raphael Baddini de Queiroz Campos acted after
finding a group of children gathered around a window display at one of the
town's bookshops where erotic content was on display. (Reuters)

Let's End Homelessness... By Evicting Those People!
Officials in
Laurel, Maryland are trying to stamp out homelessness. Unfortunately they're
doing it by evicting a bunch of other people. Residents living in the Beechcrest
Mobile Home Park have lashed out at Howard County officials saying they were not
properly notified of the county's plans to build an apartment complex for the
chronically homeless on their mobile home park site. Janice Brown, a 15-year
resident of Beechcrest, said residents felt the "rug was pulled out from under
us." The county Housing Commission acquired the land at the 5.5-acre mobile home
park in September and plans to build between 33 and 50 one-room apartments for
the chronically homeless. They intend to close the park by November 15.
(Baltimore Sun)

Bootylicious takes on a whole new meaning when
you take a look at Britain's Mikel Ruffinelli. The mother-of-four was just
awarded a world record for the world's biggest hips -- hips that measure a
staggering 8 feet in circumference! But Mikel, who weighs in at 420 pounds, says
she's proud of her shape and gobbles down 3,000 calories a day to keep her
"booty" in perfect condition. Vowing she'll never diet, Mikel says her husband
of 10 years, Reggie Brooks, adores her figure. Mikel, 39, says: "I love my shape
and I see no reason to diet because I don't have health problems. I love Mexican
food, English breakfasts and chips. My husband finds my shape sexy and we have
an amazing time in bed-there's no position we can't do! He tells me I'm
beautiful every day. Men don't fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass
figure." (Closer Online)

Okay -- Who's Got the Big Smiley Face Stamp?
A mysterious smiley
face has appeared stamped on the side of hundreds of sheep across the UK. The
odd image was first spotted on 20 animals grazing in a field but there have
since been sightings in five other fields stretching from Perthshire in Scotland
to Exeter, 500 miles away in Devon! Photos of the sheep have gone viral on
Twitter, with users sharing sightings and speculating about the source of the
smiley face. While police believe pranksters are definitely to blame, some
internet users are convinced aliens are responsible. Farmer Ros Turner, whose
sheep were all "tagged" said, "It's like crop circles - but on sheep." The good
news is the animals don't seem to have been harmed in any way and continue
grazing and going about their day to day lives in the usual way. (The