Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit admits that he's still coming to terms with the death of the band's co-founder Glenn Frey. Frey died on January 18th, 2016 at age 67, due to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia. Last December, the band was awarded the 2016 Kennedy Center Honor.

Schmit, who'll be heading out on the road in April in support of his recent album, Leap Of Faith, spoke to The Telegraph and touched upon his emotions regarding Frey's death, admitting, "None of us realized how sick he was. He had a lot of health issues, but we didn’t know it was so serious. He went into hospital… and didn’t come back. It’s just so f***ing weird, you know? The two most mysterious things in our lives are birth and death. They are both miraculous events; one brings shiny, brand new life into the world, and the other snuffs it out like that."

For music junkies, some interesting facts about Timothy B. Schmit...

  • Poco co-founder Randy Meisner left the band prior to the recording of their debut album in order to join Ricky Nelson's Stone Canyon Band in 1970. Poco replaced him with Timothy B. Schmit. When Meisner left the Eagles in 1978, Schmit once again replaced him.
  • Schmit first appeared on 1979's The Long Run, which featured his co-written star turn, "I Can't Tell You Why."
  • He sang on Firefall's 1977 hit "Just Remember I Love You" and also served as a studio musician for Steely Dan. Schmit also sang on Crosby, Stills & Nash's 1982 hit, "Southern Cross"
  • Oakland-born Schmit is the only member of the Eagles to have actually been born and raised in California.
  • Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, and Randy Meisner -- all appeared on Richard Marx's 1987 Top Three debut single, "Don't Mean Nothing."


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