Bon Jovi: 'This House House Is Not For Sale' re-release

BON JOVI:  'This House Is Not For Sale' album re-release

Bon Jovi's 2016 album, This House Is Not for Sale, is being re-released this week with two new songs -- "When We Were Us" and "Walls."

Jon Bon Jovi on what his band's last album says about the band:

"It's a rebirth. You know, this band has been born again a few times and there was a lot to say after a tumultuous period. But, we came through it stronger than ever and with a lyrical content that meant something. And, you know, when you write a song for yourself and if rings true to you, what happens is other people find meaning in those lyrics and make them their own. You know, the deep roots of that home, that place that you call home -- no matter what it is or where it is -- it redefined who we are and what we are as a band."

The Bon Jovi 'This House Is Not For Sale' Tour rolls into American Airlines Center in Dallas on March 26th. Click here to register for a chance to win tickets (courtesy of Live Nation.).

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