70's star Robbie Dupree album re-issues on the way

ROBBIE DUPREE:  Get ready for re-issues

Robbie Dupree says the label that released his hits forgot about him.

The New York pop-rocker, whose first hit "Steal Away" went Top 10, has regained the rights to his first two albums, which never came out on CD.

Never a high profile artist for Elektra, the way The Cars and Jackson Browne were, Dupree's music was overlooked as the recording industry moved from 45s and LPs to CDs and digital downloads.

Robbie Dupree is taking advantage of a copyright law change that enabled him to regain control of his first two albums:

"It takes 37 years. Ownership of the masters is something that was never possible for the artists. And now there's a statute that allows the artist to apply for the music back -- and if you live long enough, you can get your music back, which is what happened with me. And now we have another round of promotion: they've been remastered, there are bonus tracks on the first album. It's released, of course, on iTunes and Amazon and all the digital portals."

The self-titled Robbie Dupree (with "Steal Away" and "Hot Rod Hearts") and the follow-up Street Corner Heroes (which featured "Brooklyn Girls") will be out April 27th on Blixa Sounds.

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