Will Smith actually met Michael Jackson in a closet

WILL SMITH:  Met Michael Jackson in a closet

Will Smith tells the story of the only time he met Michael Jackson. The Fresh Prince face-to-face with the King of Pop.

Smith posted a three-minute video, impersonating all the characters on the night he crossed paths with Jacko. It happened at the BET Awards. Suge Knightcaused a commotion. Smith’s bodyguard rushed him into a hallway utility closet. Suddenly, he felt a tap on the shoulder and it’s his hero, Michael Jackson, in the same utility closet and hiding from Suge.

Jackson asked the Fresh Prince if he’s into comic books. Smith lied and Michael followed up with (quote) “I got a Fantastic Four first edition, number 4. Wanna trade for that?”

And that’s about all the time they had to talk. Will regretted not asking the important questions like: “What’s the glove made of? What’s your brother Tito like? Can you Moonwalk forward? Is Annie OK?”  

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