George Harrison's estate launches new record label

GEORGE HARRISON:  Estate of the late star launches new record label

George Harrison was not only the first of The Beatles to release a solo album and score a number-one hit, he's the only one of the Fab Four to have run his own record label -- Dark Horse. So it's not a stretch for his estate to launch a new label.

HariSongs has been created to "celebrate the Indian classical music George loved and believed would 'help as a balance towards a peaceful daily life.'"

The label launched today (Friday) with two reissues, Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan’s In Concert 1972, and Ravi's Chants of India. Both are available for download and on various streaming sites.

The late George Harrison talked about Ravi Shankar:  "Well I was very aware of Ravi by the time I met him -- probably six or nine months or a year before I met him that I got some of his records. And, other than what I read on the album covers and heard in the music I didn't know him at all. But, the thing that really blew me away was, 'cause I thought, well, he's such an amazing player, I read something on one of the sleeve notes where he said he feels like he's only just started."

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