Andrew Dice Clay Explains How He Set Guns N' Roses Reunion Into Motion

Guns N'Roses Tour -  Sydney

Guns N'Roses Tour - Sydney

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay believes he played a role in thawing the decades-long feud between Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Slash.

Back in 2016, Dice Clay told Rolling Stone that he was "very aggressive" in getting the Guns N' Roses core back together. In a new interview with Loudwire, he elaborated on conversations he had with the three musicians, dating back to 2011.

Clay, a longtime GNR fan, says he met Slash in 2011 at a football game in Australia, where the guitar hero was slated to perform the National Anthem. The comedian recalls telling Slash that such a gig was beneath one of the great guitarists of all-time.

"'You peaked rock n' roll, you had a fight, and now you're doing a f---ing football game?'" Clay said he told Slash at the time.

After coming back to the U.S., Clay says he called McKagan, and discussed how to get through to Rose.

Clay then went to Las Vegas and opened for GNR during the band's residency. After seeing Rose's handpicked lineup in action, Clay went to talk to the singer about what that version of GNR was missing.

The "musicians are amazing — [guitarist Bumblefoot], all those guys — amazing. I go, 'But they're not the real band. ... I don't know what you're doing,'" Clay said. "'You need to put this back together.'"

Clay's efforts seemed to pay off initially after Slash publicly wished Rose a happy birthday in 2012.

Eventually, rumors of a reunion began circulating and Clay says he knew he had a part in making it happen.

"And to this day I'm thrilled about it because they are doing 100,000 people a night," he added. "It's the biggest band in the world and I'm just thrilled for them."

Guns N' Roses recently announced a handful more live dates for its 'Not in This Lifetime' tour. The band plans to get to work on new music once their live obligations are concluded.

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