Elton John finishes and posts his Oscars acceptance speech

At the Academy Awards on Sunday night Sir Elton John was pretty overwhelmed and pressed for time and he felt rushed through his acceptance speech when "(I'm Gonna) Love You Again" from Rocketman won Best Original Song.Three days later, Elton has finished his acceptance speech.

He writes: "Just starting to come back down to earth... It has been the most extraordinary journey making Rocketman, and culminating in an Oscar victory is overwhelmingly surreal.

"The reality is that it takes an army of people to produce and platform a successful, award-winning film. And I am forever grateful to EVERYONE who created Rocketman and helped our film take flight and soar into the cinematic cosmos.

"I particularly want to thank Taron Egerton for his brilliant performance. No one could have brought Elton’s larger-than-life force to the big screen more authentically than you...

"Finally, I want to pay tribute to my husband [David Furnish] for his bold courage, tenacity and sensitivity in helping capture the true spirit of the first half of my life and enshrining it in celluloid fantasy. I love you forever."

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