Dennis DeYoung finds a little humor in his current situation

Dennis DeYoung the legendary voice of classics like "Lady," "Babe" and "Mister Roboto" has inserted a little humor into his current life of staying home.

Dennis said,"You know, I've been in this house for two and half months. This morning, my sweatpants, they stormed into my bedroom and demanded that I finally wash them. See what I'm saying? The grocery store is two blocks from my house. That's it! I go there, I come back. That's it. That's all I've done."

This is certainly not the year DeYoung expected. He released 26 East last month, and has said it will be his final album. But he accepts that he won't be touring to support it.

DeYoung says pausing concerts and live sports certainly pales in comparison to the need to find a coronavirus vaccine:

"Trivialities, my friend, none of that, none of that stuff, baseball or music... concerts... all the trivialities of life, valuable that they are to me, I can't be thinking about that right now. Sure, I'd like it back, we all would. But let's put all our effort right now into a vaccine -- getting this thing under control. And the rest will, you know, everything else will fall into place."

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