Roger Waters has an issue with David Gilmour

Roger Waters apparently has a bone to pick with David Gilmour. Waters took to Twitter to share what he calls an “announcement” video.Roger slammed his former Pink Floyd bandmate for “banning” him from the group’s website and social media pages.

Waters thanked fans for their positive response to his new version of the Floyd song “Mother,” recorded and produced remotely during quarantine. Fans haven’t been finding the video on Pink Floyd’s website and social media, which Waters says is because “nothing” he does is featured on the sites.

Waters went on to wonder why Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson’s projects are featured on Pink Floyd’s channels, but not his. “This is wrong, we should rise up,” Waters says. “Or, just change the name of the band to Spinal Tap, and then everything will be hunky dory.”

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