Bruce Springsteen trying not to break down

Bruce Springsteen says he is doing his best not to breakdown during the lockdown.

On another guest DJ spot on SiriusXM's E Street Radio, The Boss says, “The toughest thing about the lockdown is not knowing what the future holds, the feeling of your whole life being placed on hold, time seeming to move quickly, but slowly...”

“Empty and unused time, I don’t care for — especially at 70. I’m counting my days and, my friend, I’ve got things to do that involve me and you. My son [Sam] is 25 and he’s worried about the time it’s taking out of his life!”

Bruce then discussed inspirational words from his late Aunt Eda who died in 2012 at the age of 90.

He said, “She always said, ‘Just live every day as if you’re going to live forever.' I like that. I think she meant, ‘Greet each day on its own terms as an opportunity for life’s possibilities. Breathe it in. Let the world open up before you and prepare yourself to accept it in its entirety, on its own terms with a vengeance.’ Well, I’m ready and I hope you are, too. But right now, the waiting is the hardest part.”

Springsteen also broke his silence on the passing earlier this month of Little Richard, saying his "art was filled with absurdity, dead seriousness, great humor, and sex, sex, sex. He’s one of a handful of men who changed the face of world culture. He crossed radical boundaries, he challenged gender norms, and he had the time of his life.”

Bruce has been self-isolating, at his Colts Neck, New Jersey home.

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