Dennis DeYoung talks about landing Julian Lennon for new single

Dennis DeYoung says he’s not surprised that the mood, melody and two-part harmony of his single, "To the Good Old Days," are actually an homage to The Beatles. The former Styx lead vocalist realized it might be worth reaching out to a member of the Fab Four family, John Lennon's oldest son, Julian to join him on vocals.

Dennis said,"I'm sitting to write a Beatles song and I write this song, and I think of Julian. Because... it's a two part harmony song. When [my album] Desert Moon was out in '84, Vallotte was out at the very same time. I bought the album, and I thought, 'What a talented kid.' So, I do a demo. I send it to his business manager because, like you said, he hasn't been doing music for the last six, seven years. And lo and behold, he says he'd be honored to do it, so we meet in New York and he does the vocal. 'To the Good Old Days,' beautiful song. It couldn't make me happier."

"To the Good Old Days" really highlights his new album, 26 East, whose title comes right from his family history.

Dennis said,"26 East is the address of my parents' house in Chicago, where the band, the nucleus of Styx was formed in 1962 -- John Panozzo, Chuck Panozzo and myself. What begins, so shall it end for me, because this is my final album. So I was writing a song that was a tribute to The Beatles, because on 2-9-64, I saw Jules's dad's band -- and my life was changed, like so many... so many musicians from my era."

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