Michael Jackson's manager tells his side

Former manager Dieter Wiesner has said he was inspired to write The Real Story by Michael Jackson's mother. 

Katherine Jackson asked Wiesner to "tell the world the other side of" the famous, but troubled superstar. Wiesner was Michael Jackson’s manager from 1993 to 2004.

In the book, you'll learn what Michael wanted to do after his History tour, as he approached his 50th birthday. Promising he'd "never do the Moonwalk again," Jackson wanted to work in films. But his plans never materialized.

Despite having little formal schooling, Michael was a savvy investor -- symbolized by his purchase of the publishing rights to Beatles songs, which subsequently cost him his friendship with Paul McCartney. Wiesner has admitted that not inviting McCartney or Yoko Ono to partner with him was a big mistake.

Wiesner went on to say that Michael’s wild spending habits eventually cost him his control of not just the Lennon-McCartney compositions but his own as well. Michael ignored advice from Wiesner and others in his inner circle. Money problems, and his dependence on painkillers eventually cost Michael. 

Wiesner said he also believes Jackson was tricked by British journalist Martin Bashir, who filmed Jackson and children he befriended for the documentary Living With Michael Jackson. The film's revelations eventually led to sex abuse charges filed by California authorities -- even though Wiesner said that as the 180 people living at Neverland Ranch, he never saw any thing improper. 

He'd prefer to remember his client as "the best father" and someone who loved helping sick or needy children.

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