Dennis DeYoung says his new album will be his last

Dennis DeYoung says 26 East Volume One will be his final album.The album is out today.

DeYoung says he’s not retiring. The original Styx lead vocalist says the changing landscape of the music industry – in which fans seem to prefer streaming to buying records -- makes selling albums a risky venture.

Dennis says,"I'm not going to retire from touring. I'm just not going to make any more records. There is no structure for music, rock music, really, in this country. It's all pop, it's all rap, and it's country music. There's no... new rock music. It's not the same anymore."

Until fairly recently, Dennis felt that creating and selling new music was a pretty effective form of communication with fans.

Dennis talks about why he continues to make new music:

"The reason I would do this is not for money, 'cause, Lord knows, I've done well in my life. It's because you have a chance to communicate with people. And if there's no way for a person to be able to communicate, then there's no point in doing it. I don't write songs for myself. I write them to communicate with others, to tell them my opinion musically and what I... feel is what going on in my life and in the world around me. But I'll keep touring -- listen, if there is touring. We don't know what the heck's going on."

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