Big Music News: Don Henley, Rick Astley

DON HENLEY:  He's moving forward with or without radio

Don Henley certainly doesn't need to work anymore, let alone record new music. But he's not ready to stop doing that, even if radio doesn't want to support his new efforts.

Don Henley wants to keep making new music.  He said in a recent interview, "I would like to keep on making new music and writing songs and recording them. They may not get played on the radio because if you're passed a certain age in this industry, you know, they don't put you on the radio anymore. But I'm gonna continue to make music."

RICK ASTLEY:  Fresh off our iHeart80's Party, life is good for the pop icon

Rick Astley never expected that last year's comeback album would help him regain star status. The "Together Forever" and "Never Gonna Give You Up" star finds it hard to believe that 50 would be fighting it out on the charts with Coldplay and Adele.

Backstage at the iHeart80s Festival, Morris Knight asked Rick Astley about the surprising success of his album 50, "Yes, it's been amazing, actually. 'Cause I kind of made the record to celebrate being 50. It was kind of my mid-life crisis album. Lo and behold, yeah, we had a number-one in the U.K., which was just crazy."

Backstage at the iHeart80s Festival, Morris Knight asked Rick Astley if success today means more than it did at the beginning of his career:  "It's a long, long time ago. And that also, with the benefit of having a bit of perspective on it, 'cause when I was a kid and had those hits, you got nothing to judge it against. You know what I mean? You just think, 'Oh this is what happens, every... This is what happens to people. Do you know what I mean? So, yeah I know, it's pretty amazing."

Rick is branching out from music to brewing. He began working the Danish brewer Mikkeller last year and says the craft beer they developed will soon be launched worldwide.

Backstage at the iHeart80s Festival, Morris Knight asked Rick Astley about helping launch a craft beer.:  "My wife is Danish and there's a brewery there, that makes amazing beer, craft beer. They got in touch a year or so ago, about making a beer -- I love beer, but I don't know anything -- (interviewer) I love beer, too! (Rick) So over a period time, we kinda decided that and found out what that was, and then Mick Holt, the guy who has the company, he kinda came up with the recipe. And we went to the brewery and did a whole process and all the rest of it. And then a few weeks back, back in Los Angeles, we met up in a bar that they're opening there. And we tasted a bunch of things, but we got to taste my beer."

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