Weird Uber Encounters

This weekend a lot of people will probably be calling an Uber to pick them up from their New Year’s Eve party. While the service certainly is a great convenience for a lot of folks, there are plenty who have had creepy experiences, turning them off from ever hailing an Uber ride again! 

Some of those people have taken to Whisper, an an anonymous social media app, to share their strange experiences. After reading them, you may want to start thinking about other methods of transportation...

A few Creepy Uber driver encounters include:

  • “My Uber driver is telling me he moved around a lot and that’s why Uber worked for him. He also mentioned that he memorized the age of consent in 35 states.”
  • “I had an Uber driver who thought the earth was flat and kept trying to convince me it was flat. He took both hands off the wheel to show me a document on his phone. Still have videos of him.”
  • “My weird Uber driver bragged about her gun the whole time. Then pulled it out of the glove box and wedged it between her seat mid-ride.”
  • “My Uber driver offered us coke and said, ‘Yo I got the pure stuff.’ LMAO weird dude.”
  • “One time my Uber driver told me he loved me. I’m glad I always set the destination as one block away so they never know where I live.”

Source: Whisper

Have you ever had a creepy encounter with an Uber driver? What did you do?

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