Big 95 Music News: Bob Seger talks about his future

BOB SEGER:  Legend talks about the future

Bob Seger is feeling better these days after surgery last October to repair a ruptured disc in his neck.  He's reportedly feeling close to 100 percent.  He's not quite ready to reschedule the dates he had to postpone on his Runaway Train tour last fall. 

Seger is still talking about the future, which is what he did in a just-published Rolling Stone interview. Asked about plans for a memoir, Seger says, "I think about it. I set up a computer. I got a writing desk. I got everything ready. I don't know what I'll write, I may write about me. I don't know." But if he does write a memoir, he promises he won't have a ghostwriter.

As for a documentary about his life and career along the lines of History of The Eagles, Seger says, "The problem with that is that we don't have any film. The Eagles were smart and they made lots of film. We have some, but the lights weren't very good and it looks cruddy."

And what about his early albums, which have long been out of print -- would he like to see them reissued? He says Jack White constantly asks him about them, even going so far as to say he'd remix them all for free. Seger says he'd pay White, it's just that he's "always on to the next thing and then the next tour" and doesn't have the time to go back there just yet. He says that maybe when he retires he'll "get serious about it."

PETER CETERA:  Says "Glory of Love" was written for a different movie

Peter Cetera has said his classic movie hit  was actually meant for a different movie. The Chicago founding member, whose "Glory of Love" came from the soundtrack of Karate Kid II, claims he wrote it for Rocky IV.

But the Rocky producers cried poverty. He tells Sarasota, Florida's Herald Tribune, "They didn’t want to pay what they were supposed to pay. So I just said, 'Well, fine, I’ll take the song.' And so a few weeks later, here comes Karate Kid looking for a song. I played them that one, changed a couple of the words and there we go."

ELTON JOHN:  Attended mother's funeral 

Elton John was at his mother's funeral Wednesday and describes it as "perfect."

Along with photo of Sheila Farebrother's coffin plague, he writes on Instagram: "Having the service in the family chapel and attended by your brother and sister brought us all comfort. Having the service where Nan [his grandmother] lived out her final days brought you and your Mother back together again."

Though today's service was held for family members, a separate memorial will be held tomorrow for Sheila's friends. Though Elton won't attend, he says he's chosen all the music.

The Rocket Man closes with thanking his mother for "bringing me into the world and for all that you have done for me."  

Sheila Farebrother died December 4th at age 92.


Melissa Etheridge Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of The B-52’s will be honored at the sixth annual She Rocks Awards on January 26th, during the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

Stephen BishopJohn Ford ColeyAmbrosia, former Chicago member Bill Champlin and the (Burton Cummings-less) Guess Who will headline the Missouri River Fest April 14th in St. Charles, Missouri.

Dee Snider's mother, Marguerite, died Tuesday. She was 86. Snider said she'd been "struggling for the past two months" since she was hit by a car on November 1st.

Rob Thomas will sell recordings of his three shows in Atlantic City, New Jersey this month at Pledge Music. Proceeds from the shows and the recordings will go to his Sidewalk Angels Foundation.

The Monkees meet The Archies in an Archies comic that goes on sale January 17th. Archie Andrews and his pals time travel back to the 1960s, where they meet up with Micky, Davy, Peter and Mike.

A motorbike once owned by John Lennon goes up for auction March 4th. He used the Honda Monkey-Trail (model XUC 91H) to tool around his Tittenhurst Park estate in Surrey, England. John sold the bike in 1971, not long before moving to New York. Current owner John Harington expects it to sell for at least $40,000.

Tony Calder, who co-managed The Rolling Stones with Andrew Loog Oldham from 1963 through ‘69, died Tuesday of pneumonia in a London hospital. Calder, 74, also promoted the first British Beatles single, “Love Me Do”; produced two U.S. Top 40 singles for Marianne Faithfull; and co-wrote a book about ABBA with Oldham.

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