Gym to serve beer

A “bouldering” gym in Twin Cities, Minnesota is putting a twist on rock climbing by offering beer. Twin Cities Bouldering allows patrons to rock climb with no harnesses and ropes, aka 'bouldering' and now they’re partnering with local breweries. 

The site is owned by Vertical Endeavors who have worked a permit to serve alcohol into their lease agreement. Jonathan Prestrud, a member of Vertical Endeavors, thinks combining beer and bouldering is a climber’s norm. “That’s a very climber sort of (thing),” says Prestrud. “Climbers go out and climb for the day, and afterwards you camp and usually drink beer.”

Don’t expect an all day party though. Development manager Noal Ronken says beer on site won’t be an everyday thing, “but more of a once a week event partnering with local breweries.” They’ve already partnered with Indeed Brewing Company in Northeast Minneapolis and plan to partner with more. Twin Cities Bouldering will also serve wine on occasion.

Now that's OUR kind of gym!

Source: Twin Cities

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