Local woman finds dead mouse in lettuce she bought

(Chris Rogers - KCEN-TV)

HEWITT, Texas - A Hewitt woman is speaking out hoping to warn others after she said she found a dead mouse inside a head of lettuce.

Amanda Dey claims she bought it from the Walmart on Sun Valley Boulevard.

“You never think it actually happens to real people, but I guess it does because it happened to me,” Dey said.

She said a regular shopping trip to Walmart started like any other.

“We were going to make taco salad,” she said.

But what Dey found when she came home was anything but normal.

“It gives you the heebie-jeebies,” she said.

She and her daughter had planned to make dinner for the family and picked up the ingredients. When Dey started cleaning the lettuce, she got an unwelcome surprise.

“And when I looked, I saw what I thought was a brown piece or a dead flower or something, but when I went to pick it out, it was a mouse,” she said.

A dead mouse – right in the middle of a head of lettuce she was chopping up.

“I had just broke off a large chunk of it, and it was in the leaves,” Dey said.

She snapped a picture and sent it to her close friend Leslie Clark.

“I was completely horrified,” Clark said. “When I saw the picture I almost vomited it was so bad.”

So, they contacted the Walmart. Dey said they were offered a refund or an exchange but not much else.

“We weren’t concerned about that, we were more concerned about there being other contamination,” she said. “I was worried about the distributor and the lettuce being on the shelf with the other lettuce I was just dumbfounded.”

Channel 6 reached out to Walmart and sent them the picture Dey provided us. A representative told us they’d heard about the complaint but would need more information to look into it much deeper – and while they said they take matters like this seriously, Dey said more action needs to be taken.

“I would really like them to pull that product off the shelves at least until they know there’s no contamination I would hate for anyone to get sick,” Dey said.

Now she hopes other shoppers hear her story and take extra precaution. Dey said it’s honestly disturbing for her.

“Because we shop there for our kids and our families and we bring it home and think it’s safe and something like this could have been on the shelf next to what you just bought and you didn’t even know it,” she said.

So far, no word from Walmart or the distributor if any further action will be taken.

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