The Doobie Brothers launch tour with Steely Dan tonight

THE DOOBIE BROTHERS:  Launch their tour with Steely Dan this week

The Doobie Brothers play the first of 30 shows with Steely Dan tonight (Thursday) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They'll also appear at Toyota Music Factory in Irving on May 25th.  

Founding member Tom Johnston says the bands, which often played together in '70s -- when Steely Dan players Jeff Baxter and Michael McDonald joined the Doobies after first working with Donald Fagin and Walter Becker.

Their friendship was rekindled last year, when they played two of the summer's biggest package shows -- the Classic West and Classic East stadium shows in Los Angeles and New York -- with Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and others. Both bands are also managed by music mogul Irving Azoff.

Tom Johnston says The Doobie Brothers rekindled their friendship with Steely Dan at two of 2017's biggest concerts:

"We did the two Classics, L.A. and New York. It was us and them and the Eagles. And then we did some shows with them in Europe. A couple of shows in Dublin and a show in London with them. We connected on all those recent dates. That's all in the last year."

Tom says Steely Dan was great in the '70s -- and still is today:

"It was an interesting period of time and there was a lot of good music done by a lot of really great bands in that period. And those guys are definitely one of 'em. An amazing amount of great tunes, hits, well-crafted, well thought out. I always admired them. I thought they were just really a superb band."

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