Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has passed away

JOE JACKSON:  Jackson family patriarch has died

Joe Jackson, the father of an American music dynasty, has died. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and hospitalized earlier this month.

The dominating and strict -- some say, outright abusive -- father of Michael, Janet, Rebbie, La Toya and their siblings, Joe was a steelworker-turned-boxer who struggled to make it as an R&B guitarist in the early 1950s.

A decade later, he turned his attention on his sons, who performed in talent shows near their Gary, Indiana home. Thanks to a recommendation from Gladys Knight (but famously credited to Diana Ross), they signed to Motown in 1969 as The Jackson Five. An historic run of hits began at the turn of the decade, as they became the first group ever to hit number-one with its first four singles. They ruled retail as well as the airwaves, and were credited with selling 10 million records in their first 10 months.

But Joe was no Ozzie Nelson when it came to showbiz parenting. He was unfaithful to his wife Katherine, and fathered at least one child out of wedlock. By the 1990s, with his performing children all grown, stories of his beating them earlier sprouted -- especially with Michael's accusations on Oprah in 1993. Not only did Joe not deny them, he admitted using belts and switches (tree branches). Katherine stood by him through the accusations -- and later said he was a good grandfather.

Joe stood by Michael during his child molestation trial but was later accused of trying to profit from his son's death.

According to TMZ, Joe passed away in the wee hours of Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. He was 89.

Joe Jackson said he was portrayed unfairly in movies and on TV:

"Those people that's putting out those things in the movies and on television, that's how they make their money. But, trying to get other people are all messed up in your business, I can't stop 'em, so, I guess that kinda work sells."

Joe Jackson felt he had a great talent for discovering performers:

"I had an idea, you know, if you keep after it... some success will come out of it. I had a lot of help, too, as well. You have to have a talent there, just a big thing to work with. And the whole idea is to develop the talent, you know. That's what I did."

Joe Jackson said he wanted Michael to be remembered:

"Well, as you know that, since this tragedy has happened, I would liked him to be remembered forever all over the world. Which, we know, that all over the world, everybody was supporting him at the moment."

Marlon and Tito Jackson feel Joe's strict way was the right way to raise his kids -- and laid the roots for their success:

"Everybody likes to say my father was rough or whatever. No, I think he did things the way he knew how, and everything he did do, especially for his family, turned out to be a success. How wrong could it be? I mean when you're living in a town like Gary, Indiana, you have to be a little harder. Because we were just little boys, that could easily slip in the wrong direction. We thought our father was being hard on us. But actually, he had a dream. He saw further that we could ever see."


PRINCE:  Classic albums coming to Sony in stages

Prince's estate has signed a deal with Sony/Legacy covering the reissue of 35 Prince albums.

It kicks in in various stages: 19 titles originally released between 1995-2010 -- such as The Gold Experience (1995), Emancipation (1996), The Rainbow Children(2001) and 3121 (2006), as well as titles originally distributed by Sony including Musicology (2004) and Planet Earth (2007) -- are on sale as of today (Wednesday).

Additional titles from the 2014-2015 era will also be distributed worldwide by Sony at a future date.

Starting in 2021, 12 Prince non-soundtrack albums from the 1978-1996 era will also fall under Sony's umbrella. They include such iconic sets as Prince(1979), Dirty Mind (1980), 1999 (1982), Around the World in a Day (1985), Sign 'O' the Times (1987), Diamonds and Pearls (1991) and [Love Symbol] (1992), as well as the hit singles "1999," "Little Red Corvette," "I Wanna Be Your Lover," and "Raspberry Beret."

THE MONKEES:  Micky Dolenz updates fans 

Micky Dolenz hasn't spoken to Mike Nesmith since their Monkees tour had to be put on hold last week.

Micky: "Nope, I haven't. I talked to him as he was leaving and wished him well; I have really no other other details. You know, I plan on giving him a call in a couple of days and see how he's doing. But, he's a very private person, so anything like that, you're going to probably have to get from him directly, from the horse's mouth."

The four postponed shows have already been re-booked for January 2019. Micky says, "We'll just keep our fingers crossed that everybody's healthy and that we can do them."

In the interim, Dolenz says the odds are good that a live album drawn from this month's shows will be released.

"Well, that's what we're talking about, you know. We did record the shows. But somebody's going to have to sit down and start listening to all the stuff and... that is the word on the streets [laughs] that we're contemplating putting out a live album of the show."

CARLOS SANTANA:  Talks about choosing a favorite guitar player

Carlos Santana says when it comes to choosing your favorite guitar player, "it is subjective."

He writes on Facebook, "If you STOP and ask JIMI HENDRIX, 'Who’s your favorite guitar player?' he most certainly will declared MR. BUDDY GUY.

"If you ask BUDDY GUY same question he will tell you MR. MUDDY WATERS.

"If you ask MUDDY he will tell you ...

"If you ask PETER GREEN he most probably will say B.B. KING.

"Ask Stevie Ray Vaughan and he will say ALBERT KING [or so] it’s been rumored.

"That's the question that was presented to brother ERIC CLAPTON and apparently he said PRINCE.

"They ask PRINCE and he said SANTANA.

"When they ask me I always say JOHN MCLAUGHLIN.

"When they ask JOHN he always says [trumpet player] MILES [Davis] and [saxophonist John] COLTRANE.

"Ask all the incredible fast finger brothers and they say PAGANINI.

"So you see dear friends WE REALLY ARE ALL ONE.

"And we totally CELEBRATE everyone’s BLESSED GIFT.

"ENJOY and keep having fun LEARNING."

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