Tina Turner's oldest son dies by suicide

TINA TURNER:  Oldest son dies by suicide

Police found the body of Craig Raymond Turner at the 59-year-old's home in the L.A. suburb of Studio City, California. Unlike his parents, Craig wasn't a performer; he worked in the real estate industry.

Craig's father is Raymond Hill, the sax player in Ike Turner's band. After Ike and Tina married, Ike adopted the boy and gave him his surname. (TMZ)


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EURYTHMICS:  Annie Lennox is now a college chancellor

You know Annie Lennox as a singer, songwriter and activist. Now you can add college chancellor to the back of her trading card.

The voice of such Eurythmics classics as "Sweet Dreams" and "Here Comes the Rain" was officially installed Monday as the chancellor of Scotland's Glasgow Caledonian University. Ironically, she never graduated from university.

Speaking at a Monday ceremony, Annie noted that she came "from a long line of hard working Scots from the times when class boundaries, economic identities and gender roles were very firmly established. Young women from working class backgrounds gaining university degrees were as rare as kangaroos in the Antarctic."

She also said, "I only wish my parents, grandparents and great grandparents could be here to witness this special occasion, as it would have filled them with pride and disbelief." (Glasgow Live)

Annie Lennox tells the BBC about her appointment as chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University:

"It means a great deal to me in all kinds of ways. Especially because I am not a university graduate myself. So to think that life could come 'round in this strange full circle, that I could inducted of a Glasgow college or university, means there some kind of trust in my experiences of life that has drawn me into being 


STYX:  James Young explains how "Mr. Roboto" was both a curse and a blessing

The 1983 Styx song "Mr. Roboto" was both a blessing and a curse for the band.

According to guitarist James "JY" Young, the song -- and its album, Kilroy Was Here -- led to the end of the original line-up.

"It was an ugly time, but I'm not bitter about it anymore," Young tells Billboard. "It's clear that moment in time was a huge mistake. We gave [singer-keyboardist Dennis DeYoung] enough rope to hang himself and us, collectively...We killed the golden goose, at least for the time being..."

The blessing lies in the fact that it introduced a whole new audience to the band.

"There were young people whose first song they bought was 'Mr. Roboto,' and that sent them back to the previous albums ... it actually spawned the next generation of Styx fans. A lot of people under the age of 12 bought it, and those people are now in their 30s, perhaps even older. It just became clear from an unsophisticated poll that there were people coming to our concerts that wanted to hear that song, so we just decided to try and do it."

The band had never done the song in concert before this current tour. It has been well received.


MADONNA:  Creates uproar with sweet parking deal

The Material Girl still knows how to save her pennies for a rainy day.

Madonna is under fire after getting a huge discount for parking her massive fleet of cars near her new home in Lisbon, Portugal. According to press reports, the city's mayor helped Madge negotiate the deal, which lets her pay around $700 total for parking her 15 vehicles --  a steep cut from the $30 per day per car paid by regular folks.

Opposition political parties issued statements accusing the mayor of "using heritage assets for his advantage" and saying. "The city of Lisbon does not belong to Fernando Medina." (The National)

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